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Advances in Gastrointestinal Cancer

The Advances in Gastrointestinal Cancer Resource Centre is dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge data to practicing healthcare professionals. The aim is to provide clinically relevant information in order to enhance the caregivers' ability to provide optimal care for their gastrointestinal (GI) cancer patients. The platform offers journal articles, patient case reports, interviews, and roundtable discussions with experts,  with additional content aimed at expanding your expertise in the multidisciplinary field of GI cancer. This freely available resource, hosted by European Journal of Cancer and Clinical Colorectal Cancer, will function as a hub of information for healthcare professionals. Our initial focus for Advances in Gastrointestinal Cancer will centre on gastric cancer, with future expansion to all GI malignancies. New content will  be posted monthly, and the Editors encourage you to visit the site regularly to stay abreast of recent scientific developments in GI cancers.