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Essentials in Dentistry Resource Center

The editorial team of the Elsevier Essentials in Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry (CPID) — lndian Version invites you to become our inaugural sponsor or partner.

Essentials CPID is a premier go-to source for Indian dentists, periodontists, dental students and faculty to get evidence-based clinical information on a wide range of topics.

Association with Essentials CPID will showcase your products and services to many of the 250,000 dental professionals and students in India, one of the most prolific and emerging economies in the world.

Our portal uniquely targets both dental students as well as professionals, therefore, links to your products in our resource portal will go a long way to let these and future customers know that your company is associated with current, high quality. evidence-based education and clinical information that is both important and user friendly.

Additionally. the strong connection of Essentials CPID with the best-selling Carranza's Clinical Periodontology (12th Edition), the most widely used periodontal and implant dentistry textbook in India, and the Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice provides our sponsors a unique opportunity to associate their products with these highly respected worldwide publications.