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Biosimilars Resource Centre

The Biosimilars Resource Centre is an educational portal that helps healthcare professionals develop their knowledge of biosimilars through e-Learning modules and curated peer-reviewed content. By providing three UEMS-EACCME-accredited e-Learning modules and the latest research, hand-picked by editors, the Resource Centre aims to disseminate knowledge on biosimilars for rheumatologists, gastroenterologists and dermatologists. This freely available resource is hosted by the journal New Horizons in Translational Medicine.

Each e-Learning module takes 45 minutes to complete and is worth 1 UEMS-EACCME credit. Three expert guest editors act as independent expert reviewers and curate the content of the three e-Learning modules. With downloadable slide decks and new peer-reviewed content added every month, learners will have up-to-date knowledge of the subject.

After completing the modules, learners will understand the scientific differences between generics and biosimilars, and biosimilars and reference biopharmaceuticals, and know the clinical meaning of these differences. They will also be familiar with the legal aspect of biosimilars approval, and the practical implications for healthcare professionals.