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  • Stem Cell Therapy Resource Centre

    The Stem Cell Therapy Resource Center - provided in collaboration with the esteemed The American Journal of Cardiology - offers current education and selected research for cardiologists in the growing field of stem cell therapy for heart disease. Information is updated monthly. Check back frequently for new peer-reviewed material and opportunities to engage. Includes articles, roundtables and videos.

  • Persistent Cardiac Pain Resource Centre

    Persistent forms of cardiac pain are debilitating and require an understanding of the interplay of ischemic, metabolic, and neuropathophysiologic mechanisms contributing to these clinical problems.

    This Resource Centre is designed to bring attention to persistent and painful problems in the care of cardiac patients ranging from those that are predominantly of ischemic origin to those where neuropathophysiological processes may be primarily responsible for the genesis of the cardiac pain.

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes Resource Centre

    Developed as an online supplement for the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, this Resource Center features key articles, expert interviews, as well as additional reading suggestions.

  • Clinical Lipidology Resource Center

    This Resource Centre aims to support lipidologists and other healthcare professionals through its expert provision of peer-reviewed, evidence-based educational content from the Journal of Clinical Lipidology and The National Lipid Association.

  • Cardiology ESC Heart Failure Webcasts

    The clinical management of heart failure remains a major unmet need. These webcasts, recorded at the ESC Heart Failure 2016 congress, provide insights into multifaceted strategies addressing the clinical unmet needs of heart failure, with a focus on the optimization of chronic heart failure treatment.