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Infectious Diseases

  • Rapid Reference to Influenza

    The online Rapid Reference to Influenza Resource Centre provides information on the influenza virus, its pathogenesis, epidemiology, and the related burden of disease and its health economic aspects. Additionally topics such as the molecular biology of influenza and the emergence of new influenza viruses are also addressed.

    Adapted from the 2006 Rapid Reference to Influenza publication by J.C. Wilschut, J.E. McElhaney and A.M. Palache the content of this Resource Center provides up to date access to key information on influenza diagnosis, treatment and prevention. As highlighted in the Rapid Reference to Influenza book, the burden of influenza for society, not only from a clinical but also from an economic perspective, is often underestimated. It is therefore of great importance that the information available in this online Resource Center is up to date, reliable and easy to access.