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  • Breastcancer European Journal Cancer Resource center

    Clinicians have an unmet need to understand the mechanisms underlying CDK4&6 inhibition, the rationale for using CDK4&6 inhibitors to treat advanced breast cancer, and the clinical data supporting the use of CDK4&6 inhibitors in the treatment of advanced breast cancer.

  • Milestones in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Resource Centre

    The NSCLC will be launched by Elsevier at the World Conference Lung Cancer December 2016 in Vienna. The resource centre is hosted on the Journal of Thoracic Oncology (JTO) and endorsed by IASLC. All resource centre content is peer-reviewed by the resource centre's editorial board of global NSCLC experts and offering full-text articles including editorial commentaries, interactive cases, webcasts, congress highlights, roundtable discussions etc.

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    Lungancer resource center
  • Advances in Gastrointestinal Cancer

    The Advances in Gastrointestinal Cancer Resource Centre is dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge data to practicing healthcare professionals. The aim is to provide clinically relevant information in order to enhance the caregivers' ability to provide optimal care for their gastrointestinal (GI) cancer patients. The platform offers journal articles, patient case reports, interviews, and roundtable discussions with experts,  with additional content aimed at expanding your expertise in the multidisciplinary field of GI cancer. This freely available resource, hosted by European Journal of Cancer and Clinical Colorectal Cancer, will function as a hub of information for healthcare professionals. Our initial focus for Advances in Gastrointestinal Cancer will centre on gastric cancer, with future expansion to all GI malignancies. New content will  be posted monthly, and the Editors encourage you to visit the site regularly to stay abreast of recent scientific developments in GI cancers. 

  • Quality of Life in Oncology Resource Centre

    Quality of life is an important part of oncologic treatment. Either through preventative measures to avoid occurrence of adverse effects of the disease and its treatment, or proper management of patients to minimize adverse physical and psychological effects.

    By maximizing the patient’s quality of life, their resilience is enhanced: supporting acceptance, rehabilitation, compliance and generally easing the significant emotional burden of both patients and care givers. Therefore, supportive care designed to uphold the quality of life of patients and those directly involved, by preventing and alleviating the symptoms and complications of cancer (treatment), is essential to allow maximal benefit of the treatment options at hand.

    On this Resource Centre, you can find new original research articles, review articles, opinion pieces and interviews with key opinion leaders which discuss the optimization of quality of life for cancer patients, as well as important news from conferences and meetings. 

  • Advanced Prostate Cancer Resource Centre

    Diagnosis and treatment of metastatic and castration resistant prostate cancer became more and more and complex due to the increasing knowledge and understanding of the underlying molecular events and the subsequently deducted innovative medical treatment approaches.

    Modern imaging studies in CRPCA have become more and more complex and selective and currently include positron emission tomography, whole body magnetic resonance imaging, immunoscintigraphy besides the traditional studies such as bone scans and computed tomography.  

  • URO ONCO Resource Centre

    URO ONCO is the online educational platform for all healthcare professionals in uro-oncology.

    URO ONCO provides up-to-date information on developments in the field of urological malignancies. With 3 tumors in the top 10 of most frequent cancers, cancer management constitutes a large part of urological practices. New developments in the field of prostate- , and kidney cancer have involved other specialties such as medical oncology as well as radiotherapy making cancer management a truly multidisciplinary endeavor.

    URO ONCO will keep you informed on the latest clinical trial findings. Meeting reports and interviews with the experts will provide insight into the backgrounds of these trials and are meant to help you implement the findings into clinical practice. 

  • ECC Satellite Symposia Webcasts

    This open and informative Webcast platform contains a collection of industry sponsored satellite symposia webcasts that took place during the European Cancer Congress (ECC) in Vienna between 24-29 of September 2015.

    The presentations, including slide and video recordings are presented in a smart menu display, where users can access each presentation by clicking on a chaptered navigation pane that brings them to specific parts of the content. The search functionality enables users to find content across all symposia included in the site.

    The platform will be hosted by the European Journal of Cancer. 

  • Treating CD30+ Lymphomas Webcast Platform

    These webcast modules aim to provide education for physicians on the approved brentuximab vedotin data within the licensed indications, and are available to view as separate education modules. The expert faculty, Dr. Anna Sureda and Dr. Martin Hutchings will cover: an introduction to brentuximab vedotin, mode of action, the Phase I and II clinical data for HL and sALCL and the recently released long term survival analysis. Modules also include transplant ineligible patients and safety updates.  

  • Challenging CD30+ Lymphomas webcast

    This satellite forum was held on Thursday 12 June 2014, before the 19th EHA congress in Milan.

    During the forum, unmet needs in the treatment of lymphoma patients were addressed, with a strong focus on the latest developments in CD30-targeted therapy.There was also an update on recent clinical trials that could change the landscape of treatment of CD30+ haematological malignancies during the coming years. A series of challenging patient cases were presented and used as a springboard to initiate a forum-wide exchange of information and experience on the daily management of CD30+ lymphomas.

    This site will be regularly updated with webcast clips from the satellite forum.  

  • Biosimilars Webcasts

    This webcasts platform offers roundtable discussion with experts specializing in breast, lung, hematologic, and gynecologic cancers highlight the scientific rationale behind biosimilarity and extrapolation. They provide practical insight into the implications of biosimilars for clinical practices, including their potential to expand access to important medicines for patients and clinicians.