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  • Schizophrenia Resource Center

    The Schizophrenia Resource Centre aims to provide clinicians with access to the latest literature on schizophrenia.

    The site is regularly updated with the latest peer-reviewed articles, editorials, video interviews with eminent researchers and opinion leaders, lectures, e-learning modules, and a congress planner. We hope to cover all topics that are of relevance to mental health practitioners who treat and manage patients with schizophrenia.

    The site is hosted by Schizophrenia Research and sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. All content is selected by the editor Professor Robin Emsley.

  • Progress in Mind Resource Center

    The Elsevier Progress in Mind: Focus on Alcohol Use Disorders Resource Centre will examine various topics related to alcohol use disorders (AUDs). Over the course of 1 year, one particular theme will be highlighted monthly, with the goal of increasing awareness from a general practice, psychiatric, and public health point of view.

    To achieve this goal, the newest and most relevant scientific publications, video vignettes, and commentary from experts will be freely available on the Resource Centre. Examples of monthly topics include: the relationship between alcohol and hypertension; the societal burden of AUDs; and putative new treatments for patients with AUD. Elsevier aims to provide a comprehensive, educational space in which to explore the many facets of AUDs, in order to improve the identification of, and care for, patients with this brain disorder.

    Topics on the Progress in Mind Resource Centre:

    • Burden of Disease
    • Neurobiology of alcohol use disorders