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  • EAU Webcasts 2016

    The EAU Webcasts platform contains free of charge, selected industry-sponsored symposia from EAU16, the 2016 Annual Congress of the European Association of Urology, held 11–15 March 2016 in Munich, Germany. The webcasts included are Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Cancer Management. 

  • URO ONCO Resource Centre

    URO ONCO is the online educational platform for all healthcare professionals in uro-oncology.

    URO ONCO provides up-to-date information on developments in the field of urological malignancies. With 3 tumors in the top 10 of most frequent cancers, cancer management constitutes a large part of urological practices. New developments in the field of prostate- , and kidney cancer have involved other specialties such as medical oncology as well as radiotherapy making cancer management a truly multidisciplinary endeavor.

    URO ONCO will keep you informed on the latest clinical trial findings. Meeting reports and interviews with the experts will provide insight into the backgrounds of these trials and are meant to help you implement the findings into clinical practice. 

  • Advanced Prostate Cancer Resource Centre

    Diagnosis and treatment of metastatic and castration resistant prostate cancer became more and more and complex due to the increasing knowledge and understanding of the underlying molecular events and the subsequently deducted innovative medical treatment approaches.

    Modern imaging studies in CRPCA have become more and more complex and selective and currently include positron emission tomography, whole body magnetic resonance imaging, immunoscintigraphy besides the traditional studies such as bone scans and computed tomography.  

  • Nocturia Resource Centre

    Nocturia is an important area medically and has a significant impact on quality of life. The Nocturia Resource Centre aims to increase awareness and knowledge about all aspects of Nocturia. Urologists are the primary specialist who will see patients with this problem and it is expected that they will play a major role in the further diagnosis and organization of treatment.

  • Bedwetting Resource Centre

    Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, a frequent medical condition affecting children, adolescents, and adults, can cause significant secondary psychosocial and emotional impacts on the patient and his/her family.

    When evaluating a child who wets the bed after the age of 5, an important first distinction is whether the bedwetting is accompanied by daytime symptoms (non-monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis; NMNE) or no not (monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis; MNE).

  • Male LUTS/BPE

    Male LUTS/BPE is a freely accessible educational platform providing healthcare professionals in urology with up-to-date information on developments in the field of LUTS and BPE. LUTS/BPE are very common in older men, making LUTS/BPE management a significant part of urological practices.

    The Male LUTS/BPE educational platform is an initiative from the European Association of Urology, in cooperation with European Urology and Elsevier, enabling urology professionals to stay on top of the developments that are likely to impact diagnosis, treatment and patient management.